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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the first to do research on the Vastu factors for Southern Hemisphere who unveiled the fact that 62% Vastu tenets change in Southern Hemisphere and 22% Vedic Vastu rules are applied whereas 16% Vaastu rules are universal.

He is an MA, MBA, Ph.D Soc., Ph.D Vaastu, D.Sc. Vaastu Shastra and working as Chief Vastu consultant and a famous Vastu Celebrity from last over 43 years. Having glorious record in shape of hundreds of awards, rewards and medals he enjoys the status of among highest qualified Vastu consultant on this globe. He himself is really a renowned Vastu expert with super speciality in Global Vastu.

He, very frequently visits other countries all over the world and served in numerous countries

What is special?

The top qualification, large experience, command, confidence, professional expertise and skilled accuracy are the strengths of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the senior Vastu Consultant. Certainly, when you are going to hire the Vastu services of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, you are meeting a person who is one of the top celebrities in the world of Vastu Shastra Consultancy services who is crowned with hundreds of awards, medals and appreciation notes by a lot of institutional, political, social, religious, economical and metro organisations.

He is one who is the fourth-generation practising Vastu. Today, he has entered the 43rd. year of his experience and till now he has covered miles and miles journey in the history of Vastu. His interest in search, research and inventing something new makes him curious to explore the varied permutations and combinations which may collectively define what he wants to apply physically. The deep analytical study in Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is another feather in his cap.

The Spread Overseas; Unique Feature:

He has guided many thousand clients so far in Vastu in which a large number of client hail from the Southern Hemisphere. He is one of the best and top qualified Vastu consultants who is an MA, an MBA, Ph.D in Socio, Ph.D in Vastu Shastra and D.Sc. thus he may be having the top academic qualification. On hundreds of occasions he has been awarded with credentials/ letters/ regards like awards, medals, trophies, mementoes and many more.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj enjoys the status like a big celebrity among the Vastu consultants. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the Vastu consultant hails from India. He is New Delhi based Vastu consultant providing his services across the globe.

The Spread Overseas; Unique Feature

The Analytical Mindset: Special USP:

Undoubtedly Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the right choice if one searches a Vastu consultant for house I.e. Vastu for Southern Hemisphere and can reply very logically as the fact we know that Vastu different in Southern Hemisphere? Yes, the other almost similar question is ‘is Vastu Shastra different in Southern Hemisphere’ or it is same as Vedic Vastu. The difference in Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere Vastu may be seen in locating the best direction of Pooja room in Southern Hemisphere. This question is related to the directional energies which put a question mark on sleeping directions in Southern Hemisphere and asks the best and most preferred sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere. in fact, Vastu house in technical Vaastu is very logical. Once as Vastu consultant in Sydney Dr. Bhardwaj advised the logical direction for Vastu for bedroom in Australia and to the other client he advised as per his city after analysing as Vastu consultant in Melbourne. So the real impact of sleeping in Vastu Melbourne is also closely related to Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere.

If one can try to understand the difference between the Vedic Vastu applied in India and being done by the Indian Vastu consultants then better to look the exact and best Vastu consultant in Australia for Vastu Shastra for house in Australia. Many times we get the calls from the Southern Hemisphere countries asking in which Hemisphere is Australia or Australia is in which Hemisphere, then Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere become very crucial for a layman because 62% Vastu rules change in Southern Hemisphere and even then the question as which direction should you sleep in Australia remains unanswered if your Vastu consultant is not a professionally educated and trained Vastu consultant.

Now the answer to the question which direction to sleep in Australia is solved when Dr. Anand Bhardwaj told to calculate many things from Astro-Vastu point of view too and the best direction to sleep in Southern Hemisphere is north which is just opposite to the northern Hemisphere sleeping position. This is the head’s pointing position and then automatically the feet lie in the South.

Multidimensional Skills:

Certainly Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is known for his top-shot ability and a place that places him as a bigwig in Vastu Consultants. He provides many services related to the occult sciences including.

  • ✎ Vastu Shastra Advice
  • ✎ Scientific Vastu application
  • ✎ FengShui analysis and calculations,
  • ✎ Astro-Vaastu calculations for the fourth-house of the horoscope,
  • ✎ The Numerological analysis and approach on the best balancing of the number numerology,
  • ✎ Reiki and Related Healing Sciences
  • ✎ Aura scanning with Analysis of Vibes
  • ✎ Cosmic Vibes Analysis
  • ✎ Parallel energies tracing,
  • ✎ Intermittent Vibrations calculations
  • ✎ Hard Vibes- Health Factor- Pre-Construction approach,
  • ✎ Soft vibes and their remedial measures
  • ✎ Numerological Analysis and Consultation/ Advice

I am 100% sure that no one in the world must have known that a Vastu consultant has so much ability and far ahead analytical approach. Certainly, this is due to our 43 years’ experience in technical and Scientific Vastu, a lot of researches, data-analysis and foresightedness.… One cannot expect from new generation which aims at having surplus and superficial knowledge which is enough for them to do ‘SOMETHING”. This makes a great difference of maturity and high qualification which is rare in the Vastu consultants.

Choose the Best out of common lot:

So, choose the best out of all betters and do not compromise on quality of energies. Get the top most Vastu consultant… Do not calculate on the cheapest Vastu consultant because the Vastu advice of the cheapest Vastu consultant shall definitely be of sub-standard. Certainly, we also give Free Vastu Consultancy services for deserving ones.

So far as Vastu Consultation and advice is concerned, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj may be the No.1 Scientific Vastu Consultant in providing Vastu consultancy services in Southern Hemisphere. Though there may be many other Vastu Consultant in Australia but when it comes to the experience, qualification, command and confidence, Dr. Bhardwaj may be at higher level. Moreover, the large experience also counts. So, he is really very famous Vastu consultant in South America, Argentina and other countries like East Timor and New Zealand. Dr. Anand carries a large experience in the field of Vastu which should be logical and scientific. This is his biggest strength. He has advised many clients as Vastu consultant for Africa and South-Africa wherein he advised on not only for Vastu for home but also Vastu for commercial sites. In few more areas like Indonesia, Jakarta and other neighbouring areas he advised on Vastu for industries, Hotels and hospitals. He is very confident and has a huge number of clients in Perth, Sydney and Queensland. Therefore, he may be recognised as one of the best Vastu consultant in Southern Hemisphere. In fact, Southern Hemisphere Vastu needs much concentration and true work becomes the positive outcome of each endeavour carried out by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. One may contact him with full confidence.