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Are you looking for the best, professional, scientific and logical Vastu Shastra advice for your site/ country which is located in the Southern Hemisphere?

Are you from Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Mauritius, South America, South-east Asia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Angola, Madagascar, Namibia, Botswana, Indonesia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile etc?If your answer is yes, then certainly you are reached at the fittest webpage where you will find what exactly you were looking for.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a senior & chief Vastu consultant with rare background. He is an MA, MBA, Ph. D Soc., Ph. D Vaastu, D.Sc. Vaastu Shastra & working as Chief Vastu Consultant & a Celebrity from last over 43 years. Having glorious regards in shape of hundreds of awards, rewards & medals he enjoys the status of among highest qualified Vastu consultant on this globe. He is really himself a Vastu Celebrity

Dr. Bhardwaj is the first to do research on the Vastu factors for Southern Hemisphere who unveiled the fact that 62% Vastu tenets change in Southern Hemisphere & 22% Vedic Vastu rules are applied where as 16% Vaastu rules are universal.

He, very frequently seen on various national and international platforms/ TV Channels & visited places all over the world & served in numerous countries.The top qualification, large experience, command, confidence, professional expertise and skilled accuracy are the strengths of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the senior Vastu Consultant.

Vastu For Southern Hemisphere- Facts & Concepts

Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is based on various theories associated with the vibrations and energies with reference to the pattern of their presence, intensity and movement. The entire theories which are associated with Southern Hemisphere Vastu are dependent upon many natural factors and they may be deviated because of interference by human being by redrafting the nature, climate, environment and other ecological factors as defined by him for his benefits. Vastu for Southern Hemisphere has most of the different factors if compared with Northern Hemisphere Vastu. One may be curious to know that what is the difference between Northern Hemisphere Vastu and Southern Hemisphere Vastu.

So far as the Vastu consult is concerned he has to analyse various factors which are defined in Vastu. If someone is going to find the best Vastu expert in Southern Hemisphere then certainly he may be from any country located in Southern Hemisphere like Australia, Argentina, East Timor, New Zealand, Mauritius, Africa, Indonesia, Jakarta or south Africa that has famous places like cape town, Johannesburg, Durban, brazil and Nigeria etc. In these places the movement of most of the Vastu energies are not exactly as we find in the Northern-Hemisphere. So, as a trained, experienced and professionally qualified Vastu Shastra consultant has to deeply analyse many factors applied in Vastu for Southern Hemisphere.

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